Video SEO Tips that Impact Your Websites’ Ranking

Videos are fast becoming significant mediums in internet marketing, especially in the wake of faster and more reliable internet connections today. This is not surprising, considering that videos respond to people’s need for instant gratification. In fact, statistics culled from the Statistics Brain Research Institute indicate that the attention span of the average web user has significantly reduced today, compared to a few years back.

According to their research, the current average attention span for web visitors is about 8.25 seconds–less than that of a goldfish’s. This is why businesses need to consider video SEO as a viable platform for their online marketing strategies. Here are a few tips to help optimize your video content:

  1. Provide relevant information that solves problems – Don’t ramble on and on about how awesome your product or service is. Instead, focus on how using it will solve the problem at hand. That’s what consumers are really after.
  2. Utilize keywords – Like any SEO campaign, keyword usage and placement are crucial. Use appropriate keywords for titles and file names when uploading, as this is what the search engine will use in determining what the video is all about.
  3. Enable social sharing and comments posting – Provide users with the ability to post their comments about your video, as well as a convenient way to share the video on their social media accounts.

Nowadays, visibility and content are everything when it comes to online marketing and videos are the best ways to achieving both.

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